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I’m Shawna, a mom of two creating comedy videos about #momlife. Ever feel completely blindsided by motherhood even though you totally wanted, and maybe even planned for, this path in life? Or feel like being a mom is the best thing that’s ever happened to you and yet… somehow… also the worst? Like you totally love your kids but you’re effing tired? Yes? Good. You’re my people.

On this website you’ll find my favorite videos from TikTok & Youtube, cute pictures from Instagram, info on my podcast called “Surviving Baby”, and funny stories from the motherhood trenches…. and as I was recently diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, you’ll also find my cancer diary.

I’m so glad you’re here! Motherhood is hard but there’s a lot we can laugh about. Let’s be best friends!

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More About Me

Hi, again. Shawna here. I’m the mom in the picture you see to the left (or above on mobile). I don’t usually look like this; usually, I look more like Phoebe when she got the pox, and if you get that reference I’m here to tell ya we are well on our way to being best friends.

Let’s hang out!

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