10 Adorable Things My Husband Says I Do, Which He Asked Me to Post After Seeing Last Week’s List and Feeling Bad

I swear I wasn’t trying to guilt trip him by posting the original list. I merely find his annoyance humorous. Is that patronizing? He really is a great guy!
Here’s his new list, nearly verbatim (I’ve switched his “You”s to “I”s, and you’ll see parentheses wherever I’ve added my notes):
  1. I wear his clothes (awwww)
  2. I always forget my phone charger downstairs
  3. I stop mid-sentence and have no idea what I was just talking about, but when prompted, I know exactly what I was about to say and finish my sentence.
  4. I make up weird stories to go along with bubba’s picture books (awwww)
  5. I love playing Sudoku and am really good at it! (WAS really good at it. Now the numbers kind of bleed into one another because my eyes are tired.)
  6. I start getting really giggly after one glass, but then I can hold my liquor for several more glasses.
  7. I am into reading my horoscope, and I always read hubs his, too
  8. I do yoga in tight pants (😂)
  9. I write stories about our family. (awwww)
  10. I snore like a little, tiny lamb (I DO NOT)
K, this is an adorable list of adorable stuff I do! A small part of me wonders if he wrote it because he wants to get lucky (might work). But who cares! I feel so loved!

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