10 Annoying Things My Husband Says I Do

Here’s a list of behaviors of mine about which my husband has recently complained. He was getting so complainy that I started making this list, and I may have used it as evidence of his bad attitude to begin a healthy discussion (see points 5 & 7).
For the record, I think I am a lovely bedfellow – kind and considerate! But, alas, on occasion I annoy my hubs. (Which I don’t find at all insulting, guys.)
  1.  I never, ever clear the microwave clock after using some-odd seconds to zap my coffee.
  2. I hardly ever close the microwave door.
  3. I  leave my clothes strewn about the bedroom, living room, kitchen, car, and garage, and, yet, I never have a sweater when I need one.
  4. I trail off mid-sentence and start thinking and/or talking about something else, and, apparently, sometimes I just leave the room altogether.
  5. I make him talk about feelings.
  6. I drink all the sodas.
  7. I am always right about feelings.
  8. I cook food, take what I want from the pan, and leave the rest on the stove instead of putting it into Tupperware. (Well yea, because I’m assuming he wants some too.)
  9. I thrust my foot in front of his face to signal that I want a foot massage when in any supine position.
  10. I scarf all of the junk food before he even has a chance.

I mean, isn’t all of this stuff adorable though, in that – hey we’re married and have a sweet chubby bubby, ain’t life quirky! – kinda way? We’re so fun and cute! Right? Also, I’m a soda-and-junk-food ADDICT and he knew this when we married. So… Also, talking about feelings is important! (At least this point he concedes. Oh well. He’s not always adorable either.)

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